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Business Environment (Economics) 2002-2003 Sunil Kumar, General Manager- NABARD, Mumbai Study of Efficiency and Microstructure of Agricultural Commodity Futures Markets in India
Business Environment (Economics) 2006-2007 Vinay Asthana, Associate Professor- JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur Asset Prices, Rare Disasters and the Spirit of Capitalism
Business Environment (Economics) 2008-2009 Ritesh Pandey, Assistant Professor-IMT Ghaziabad Empirical Investigation into the Behaviour of Rupee Exchange Rates
Business Environment (Economics) 2006-2007 Monika Gupta, Visiting Faculty-BITS Pilani An Analysis of Implementation of Carbon Tax in Indian Road Passenger Transport Sector
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) 2009-2010 Ashutosh Nigam, Principal Operations Research Analyst-Optym, Bengaluru Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) 2009-2010 Mahima Gupta, Assistant Professor-IMT Ghaziabad Extensions to Fuzzy MCDM and their Applications in Management
Finance & Accounting 2004-2005 Joshy Jacob, Faculty –IIM Ahmedabad Volatility Estimation, Forecasting and Portfolio Application with Price-Range Based Estimators
Finance & Accounting 2009-2010 Sonia Garg, Assistant Professor-Thapar University, Patiala Volatility Estimation and Forecasting: A Study on Indian Financial Markets
Finance & Accounting 2011-2012 Prateek Sharma, Assistant Professor- IIM Sirmaur Essays on Risk-Based investing
Finance & Accounting 2012-2013 Samit Paul, Assistant Professor -IMI Kolkata Estimation of Intra-day VaR and CVaR: An empirical study in select Stock Markets
Human Resources Management 2006-2007 Manish Kumar, Assistant Professor-IIM Kozhikode Workplace Identity Explorations in Structure and Dynamics
Human Resources Management 2006-2007 Surya Prakash Pati, Assistant Professor-IIM Kozhikode Employee Engagement: Antecedents and Consequences
Human Resources Management 2008-2009 Vishal Gupta , Associate Professor-IIM Ahmedabad Linking Leadership to Employee Creativity Through Work Motivation, Psychological Capital and Organisational Justice: A Study on Indian R&D Professionals
Human Resources Management 2009-2010 Hemang Jauhari, Management Consulting – People & Change Advisory, KPMG , Mumbai Employee Brand Building Behaviour: An Exploration into its Structure and Dynamics
Human Resources Management 2009-2010 Swati Dhir, Assistant Professor-IMI New Delhi Dynamics of Employee Engagement in Indian Workforce: A Study of Relationship with Personal and Work related factors
Human Resources Management 2011-2012 Amit Shukla, Assistant Professor-IIT Kanpur Conceptualization of Psychological Ownership (Developmental of Scale and Nomological Network)
Information Technology & Systems 2001-2002 Bhaswar Chaudhary, Logistics & Supply chain professional, Newcastle Australia The Value of Information in a Supply Chain
Information Technology & Systems 2001-2002 Srikumar Krishnamoorthy, Faculty- IIM Ahmedabad An Agent Based Personalized Recommender Systems for e-Commerce
Information Technology & Systems 2001-2012 Piyush Jain, Military Engineer Services, Hyderabad Techno-Economic Modeling of Basic Telecommunication Services- A System Dynamics Approach
Information Technology & Systems 2004-2005 Boudhayan Ganguly, Associate Professor- IMI, Kolkata The Antecedents and Consequences of Trust In B2C online shopping: The Modelling Effect of Culture, Product type and Personal variables
Information Technology & Systems 2005-2006 Hemalatha Chandrashekhar, Assistant Professor-IFMR Chennai Agent Models for Product Recommendation and Automated Negotiation in e-Commerce
Information Technology & Systems 2005-2006 Harsh Aeron, Lead Scientist, GE Global Research A Polyhedral Approach for Solving the Two-Facility Network Design Problem
Information Technology & Systems 2007-2008 Faiz Hamid, Assistant Professor-IIT Kanpur Event Based Sentiment Analysis for Prediction of Buying Behaviour in Futures Market
Information Technology & Systems 2007-2008 Ritu Yadav, Lead Analyst, Impetus InfoTech (India) Pvt. Ltd Event Based Sentiment Analysis for Prediction of Buying Behaviour in Futures Market
Information Technology & Systems 2008-2009 Rajhans Mishra, Assistant Professor- IIM Indore An Investigative Study for Design of Web Recommendation System Considering Sequential Information
Information Technology & Systems 2008-2009 Saini Das, Assistant Professor -IIT Kharagpur A Framework for Modelling Information Security Risks in Organization
Information Technology & Systems 2009-2010 Mayank Sharma, Assistant Professor-IIM Kashipur Investigating Information System Models for Online Community Formation, Development and its Business Value
Marketing 2003-2004 Suresh Paul Antony, Associate Professor- IIM Trichy Study of Age-Related Differences in the Influence of Price and Promotion on Buying Intention
Marketing 2007-2008 Neha Srivastava, Assistant Professor-KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Antecedents And Consequences of Brand Trust in the context of Baby-Care Toiletries Product Brands : The Moderating Role of the Mother’s Personal Variables
Marketing 2007-2008 Ravi Shekhar Kumar, Assistant Professor- XLRI Jamshedpur Effect of Marketing Mix Elements on Customer-Based Hospital Brand Equity
Marketing 2007-2008 Shashi Shekhar Mishra, Assistant Professor-IIT Kanpur Role of Technology Substitution in New High-Tech Product Development Process
Marketing 2009-2010 Ansh Gupta, Co-Founder at De’Arco Chocolatier, New Delhi Effect of Green Service Encounters on Consumers’ Re-Patronage Intention : A Study of Green Hotels in India
Marketing 2009-2010 Sushant Kumar, Founder, PickdUp (E-learning venture) Building Relationships with the Sovereign Consumer Corporate Response Strategies to Product Dissatisfaction Related Online Anti-Brand Activities
Marketing 2010-2011 Abhishek Mishra, Assistant Professor- IIM Indore Effects of Design Perception On Consumer Based Brand Equity
Marketing 2011-2012 Ekta Srivastava,

Visiting Lecturer
Department of Media and Communication,
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Examining the Complex Ambivalent Nature of Nostalgia: Research on Affective And Cognitive Consequences of Nostalgic Advertising Among Consumers
Marketing 2011-2012 Arnab Ray The Role of Self-Concept in Brand Choice Decision
Operations Management 2001-2002 Samir K Srivastava, Professor-IIM Lucknow An Integrated Modelling Approach to Reverse Logistics Network Design
Operations Management 2002-2003 Atanu Chaudhuri, Associate Professor-Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University, Denmark Critical Decisions in New Product Development- A Modelling Approach
Operations Management 2003-2004 Anupam Kulshreshtha, Business Analytics Lead, TCS HiTech Bengaluru Long Haul Intermodal Transport- Services and Operations A Modelling Approach
Operations Management 2003-2004 Mohita G. Sharma, Professor-FORE School of Management, New Delhi Managing Uncertainty in the Spares Supply Through Real Options
Operations Management 2003-2004 Piyush Raj, Head Maritime Advisory at DNV GL – Maritime, Mumbai Scheduling Long Cycle Products for Throughput Improvement
Operations Management 2006-2007 Debashish Jena, Assistant Professor- Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli Multi-Stage Re-Entrant Flexible Shop Planning with Application to Aluminium Rolled Products
Operations Management 2008-2009 Kedar Pandurang Joshi, Assistant Professor- T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal Supplier Selection In build to Order Supply Chain Environment with Supplier Parks
Operations Management 2008-2009 Saurabh Chandra, Associate Professor-IIM Indore Maritime Inventory Routing Problem with Optional Cargoes: An Application to Outbound Automotive Logistics
Operations Management 2009-2010 Joshin John, Assistant Professor-Rajagiri Business School, Kochi Sustainable Operations in Shipbreaking
Operations Management 2009-2010 Vijaya Dixit, Assistant Professor-National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai Materials Management Under Uncertainty : A Decision Support for Complex Projects
Operations Management 2011-2012 Yash Daultani, Assistant Professor- IMI Kolkata Supply Chain Risk Management : Some Strategic Decision Support Models
Strategic Management 2001-2002 Amita Mital, Professor-IIM Lucknow Corporate Rejuvenation A Study of Select Indian Firms Post Economic Reforms
Strategic Management 2001-2002 Neeraj Dwivedi, Professor-IIM Lucknow Determinants of Board Effectiveness: An Empirical Investigation
Strategic Management 2002-2003 Deepak Dhayanithy, Assistant Professor-IIM Kozhikode Empirical Analysis of Growth Options Volatility Effect at Firm and Project Level
Strategic Management 2002-2003 G.R. Chandrashekhar, Associate Professor-IFMR Chennai Influence of the Founding Conditions on the Growth of Firms
Strategic Management 2003-2004 Anurag Mishra, Head – Delivery Excellence Advisory, Accenture, NCR Parenting Advantage of Diversified Business Groups in India
Strategic Management 2004-2005 Bibek Prasad Mishra, General Manager – Strategic Planning, GMR Group Conceptualizing & Measuring the Competence Model of Innovation: A Study of Automobiles and Electronics Companies in India
Strategic Management 2009-2010 Ajay Kumar Singal, Associate Professor- IMT Dubai Strategic Vulnerability – Challenges for Entering The Next Orbit
Strategic Management 2009-2010 Manish Ganvir Internationalization and Performance of Indian Born Globals, Moderating Role of Ownership in Post – Entry Life-Stage
Strategic Management 2009-2010 Sanjay Dhir, Professor-IIT Delhi Value Creation In Bilateral Cross-Border Joint Ventures (CBJVS): A study of Asymmetric Motives & Effect of Mediating Variables on CBJV Value Creation Between Firms of India & G-7 Nations
Strategic Management 2010-2011 P. John Ben, Assistant Professor-Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bengaluru Determinants of Voluntary Disclosures in Annual Reports for Stakeholder Communications
Strategic Management 2010-2011 Aniruddha, BHEL Value Creation and Appropriation by Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities for Product Innovations: A Multistage Process Study in Emerging Markets
Strategic Management 2011-2012 Manish Popli, Assistant Professor-IIM Indore Spring-Boarding, Entrainment and Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms : A Temporal Perspective

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