Courses Available under FPM

Apart from regular PGP courses, FPM students also get the opportunity to get more advanced and research focused courses that guides them towards future research.

Please Note:  The  list is indicative and the elective courses offered may change from year to year.

Compulsory Courses For FPM Students

Area of

Course offered

Term #

General Scholarly Writing (0.5 Credit) Term II
General Research Methodology (1 Credit) Term III
Any Specialization FPM Course in lieu of a PGP course (1 credit) Term III
General Pedagogy (0.5 Credit) Term IV
General Philosophy of Management (0.5 Credit) Term V
Area Specific Dissertation (2 credit) Term V & Term VI
Elective Courses For FPM Students

Area of Specialization

Course offered

Agri-Business Management Applied Environmental and Natural Resource to Agribusiness
Business Environment (Economics) International Trade, Policy and Open Economy Macroeconomics (ITPOEMS)
Business Environment (Economics) Economics of Regulation and Antitrust
Business Environment (Economics) Development Economics
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) Network Optimization in Business
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) Multivariate Techniques for Data Analysis
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) Fuzzy Logic and its Applications in IT & Management
Decision Sciences (Operations Research/Statistics) Advance Applied Statistics
Finance & Accounting Research in Banking and Credit Risk Management
Finance & Accounting Corporate Finance Theory
Finance & Accounting Empirical Research in Financial Reporting
Finance & Accounting Financial Markets
Human Resource Management Developing Complex Models in Organisation Research
Human Resource Management Organizational Theory
Human Resource Management Advanced Micro OB
Human Resource Management Coaching and Mentoring
Human Resource Management Organizational Development & Change
Human Resource Management Advanced Research Methods
Human Resource Management Organizational Culture
Information Technology & Systems Advances in Process Modelling & Mining
Information Technology & Systems Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Mining
Information Technology & Systems Advances in Unstructured Data Mining
Information Technology & Systems Advances in Data Mining
Information Technology & Systems Advances in Data Communication and Networks
Marketing Quantitative Research Methods in Marketing
Marketing Advances in CB
Marketing Regression
Marketing Marketing Theory
Marketing Research in Retail
Marketing Advances in Channel Research
Marketing Frontiers of Services Research
Operations Management Facility Location
Operations Management Multi-criteria Decision Making Techniques
Operations Management Integrated System Dynamics Modelling
Operations Management Operations Planning & Control
Operations Management Advanced Productions and Inventory Systems
Operations Management Seminar course in Supply Chain Management
Strategic Management M & A Strategy
Strategic Management Strategy & Competition
Strategic Management Corporate Governance
Strategic Management Qualitative Research Methods in SM